Serena Fox Jewellery

Jewellery to treasure

Exquisite, exclusive jewellery creatively designed by Serena Fox and beautifully handcrafted by Richard & Serena Fox’s team of skilled craftsmen and women in their London workshop.

Serena Fox Jewellery

 Serena Fox Jewellery is designed using precious metals and gem stones. Many of Serena’s pieces are inspired by the sea but some, such as the Carnival Collection and the Bird of Paradise Collection, take their inspiration from nature and elsewhere.

Each piece is carefully hand crafted by experts to create jewels to treasure for now and for generations to come

Serena works on new collections every year and also takes commissions for new bespoke pieces and the reimagining of existing jewellery..

Serena Fox Material RIng

Serena Fox Bespoke Commissions

Individually Designed Pieces

Serena Fox

Jewellery Designer

Working with exquisite, ethically sourced, sustainable gems.

Serena Fox jewellery Sea Pod Bracelet in silver and gold with moonstone

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